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Woolroad is a trading company specialized in tailored menswear.

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Product Line

Tailored Clothing & Tailored Sportswear

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The garment industry has such a wide spectrum of different products that we, at Woolroad, believe we can best serve our clients by specializing in a particular segment, which are Tailored Clothing & Tailored Sportswear.


In order to find the best textiles, we constantly travel to Europe, North America and East Asia.

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“The best pattern and making in the world is irrelevant if the fabric is not right for the garment. It can change the complete essence of a piece. In other words, the right fabric can make a sale and the wrong one can break it.”


We have a wide network of reputable garment factories to work with.

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In order to provide the best services, we have developed meaningful longterm partnership with a group owning several factories in the Northern Part of China.

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