In order to provide the best services, we have developed meaningful longterm partnership with a group owning several factories in the Northern Part of China. In fact they own 12 factories, ranging from a fine tailored suit factory, to a large-scale casual pant factory. The following information will provide you with a better understanding of what we offer.

Tailored Factory

Our eastern partner recently built a state of the art tailored factory with a monthly capacity of 60,000 sets. Equipped with the latest technologically advanced machinery from Germany, Italy and Japan, along with skilled workers; the result is an impeccable and consistent garment. Therefore, they are making for many well-known brands in North America, Europe and Japan.

Casual Factory

With a monthly capacity of 500,000 pcs, the factory is producing for many world-renowned brands. What makes them stand out is their understanding of the different levels of quality in the making of a casual pant, which could seem easy but requires a high level of expertise. It is also rare to find a factory that understands the proper way of making a garment washed sport coat. However, by working with varied European brands for many years they have specialized in producing such garments. With the ability to stone wash, silicon wash, enzyme wash, garment dye etc., our clients are given an immense amount of flexibility in terms of design and development.

Outerwear Factory

Our outerwear factory has been producing functional outerwear for over ten years. Having produced millions of pieces and hundreds of samples, once again, they produce a high level of quality garment that needs specific technical skills. For example; weather proof taping and laser cutting, are all technical features that our factory is experienced with but that are hard to master.

Denim Mill

Our partner has deep roots in the denim industry. After producing denim for many years they have developed a completely vertically integrated operation. From raw materials, spinning, dying, finishing, washing, to garment factory and wash-houses, their expertise in denim is recognized and used by numerous of the biggest denim brands in the world.

Shirt Factory

Established in 1999, the shirt factory has grown into a corner stone of our partner’s business. The ability to produce a sophisticated dress shirt, as well as a garment washed shirt, gives the clients scope and versatility. With a monthly production output of 1,000,000 pieces, the factory has mastered the production process enabling them to orchestrate huge production run efficiently and consistently.