Who We Are

Woolroad is a trading company in the clothing industry, based in Montreal. Our primary focus is to supply a vertically integrated service in the tailored clothing sector. In order to do so, we formed a partnership with a group of factories in Northern China recognized by several world-renowned brands. Also, as an important part of our service, we source and develop textiles from Asia and Europe.

Our company believes the client deserves time devoted to their individual needs. Specifically, we make it a priority to offer a personalized service. Therefore, having expertise in all of the various steps of creation of a tailor made garment (fabrics, making, design, etc.) along with analyzing trends in the market, we are able to understand their demands from inception to delivery. In addition, we do our very best to always offer a high quality product since we truly believe that consistency is the corner stone of a business relationship based on trust. Finally, because we know how fast the clothing industry is moving, we make it a point to optimize the production and always deliver on time.

All of the above consist of our added value towards the competition, which mainly consists of overseas trading companies based in Hong Kong.  Though, the problem of dealing with overseas trading companies for Canadians, Americans and European retailers, is often the lack of understanding of their respective markets and the communication difficulties. Therefore, being in the industry for numerous years and working both in product development and sales, Woolroad’s owner is able to bring relevant new content to the customers i.e. new fabric, new method of constructing the garment, design inspirations etc., as well as understanding their market target. In other words, having good relationships with the costumers enables Woolroad to provide a tailor made service to a mass-market merchant.

Garment Sourcing Optimization

At Woolroad, we believe that the creation of a garment is an art. The coerciveness and coordination between; the selection of the fabric, the making of the garment, the money attributed to each element, the trims, etc. is fundamental to achieve a quality product.

Therefore, collaborating with us ensures we first understand what our client’s main focus and concerns are. Secondly, we provide a grid of options in multiple categories and then work with our clients to find the right balance between the endless options. More precisely, we try to develop a science behind the art of design and production of quality garments.

For more information on the variety of garments we source, please refer to the product category.

Fabric Sourcing

One of the most important aspects of a garment is the fabric. The right weight, drape, yarn count, color, composition are all elements that can impact on the end result. That is why we put a lot of time, effort and resources in fabric research. We are always looking for new hand feels, compositions, finishes, technical advancements etc. in order to offer an added value to the end consumer.

To do so, we work in collaboration directly with Fabric mills from Europe and Asia.

For more information on the variety of fabrics we source, please refer to the textile category.

Fabric Development

With our knowledge and long term working relationship with our fabric mills, we are able to adjust and modify certain aspects of a particular fabric in order to suit our client's needs.

The following are different examples: 

  • Modify fabric composition to fit into a specific price point
  • Alter the composition to improve the drape.
  • Add a nano finish for liquid, dirt, oil repellency etc.

Personalized Offer

Our personalized service ensures that we spend the necessary time studying the client’s esthetic, product line, vision etc.  This enables us to better understand where our clients are looking to position themselves in the market, and in return present them with new ideas and items that are relevant to their businesses.

From design & development to fabric & trimming sourcing and from pattern making to production; Woolroad is able to deliver a custom made service to every client. We accompany our clients and provide our expertise at any stage of the fashion production cycle.